Cat eye infection symptoms
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Some cats are always tear-stained, it’s one of the most common cat health problems and symptoms at the same time. For some of them, it’s because of their breed, which is known to have a flatter nose. For others, it’s because of their cat eye infections, though it doesn’t always have to be the case; as it might just be a normal tear discharge.

Cat Eye Infection causes:

Cat eye infections or lacrimal stripe can be caused by bacteria in conjunctivitis, but also can have a lot of external causes. If your cat keeps its eye closed a vet visit is important, as it could be a strange object stuck between its eyelids, such as a piece of plant, which could hurt your kitty whenever its eyeballs move.

symptoms of eye infection:

  • Sore eyelids
  • A liquid matter in the corner of the eyes
  • A clenched eye
  • Tender eyelid edges
  • Cat squinting one eye
  • Watery eyes in cats or dry ones
  • Crusty matter around the eyelids
  • A snotty and ill nose which causes respiratory disorders
  • Gets your pet’s eyes clean from discharges which can also be caused by a lot of allergies
  • Effective, pain-free and a good alternative to medicinal eye drops
  • Recommended by a lot of vets to keep your pet’s eyes clean and prevent eye cat infections issues
  • Relieves burns and cat eye irritations
  • Can be used on all sort of pets and at different ages
  • A mandatory product to keep when you adopt a pet

“One of my kitties has a red swollen eye, it didn’t seem dangerous though. I was going to take him to the vet when a friend of mine recommended that I use this product on my pet, which I did, and after that, his eye seemed to start healing by itself.

Now after one use a day, my cat’s eye is healing fast. I also used this product to wash my dog’s eyes. I definitely recommend it and I will also get other Vetericyn products to use on my kid’s fur! It’s a life-changing product for pet owners. You never know when an eye infection in kittens can kick, you better be prepared!”

Cat eye infection : Research

A vet visit is important to determine the reason behind the watery eyes. Also, DO NOT use home remedies for cat eye infections, it will only make them worse. It could be a discharge of tears or it could be a cat eye infection. The vet will verify if any eye component has been inflamed or whether or not the cornea is intact. If there’s a stain in the eye the vet will probably check the tear tube performance

Cat eye infection: Remedy

Occasional mucus on your cat’s eye is normal, as long as it’s not followed by swollenness or red eyelids, if that is the case a vet visit is crucial. An eye ointment could be required, and you might have to apply it yourself to your cat a few times during the day. Sometimes it’s hard to treat a loop eye that is caused by a condense tear duct; as the tube of tears get usually closed because of the tiny construction of the nose. However, this kind of cat eye infection can gently and meticulously be rinsed under anesthesia and vet’s supervision of course.

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