Cat Diarrhea: Causes and Remedies

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Cat diarrhea is a normal stage that every cat owner has to go through. Sometimes the reasons are obvious and the remedy is easy to guess, while some other times, this could be a tiring situation for both you and your kitty, which will require the intervention of a vet. So what causes cat diarrhea? And, how to stop diarrhea in cats?

Sometimes the source of the problem can be quickly identified, but often it is very difficult to identify the real cause why is the cat has diarrhea and you will have to call on the vet.

Diagnosing cat diarrhea:

As a cat owner, you definitely should be able to know diarrhea’s shape; it’s simple: normal diarrhea is everything that’s not totally brown and has a soft and unsteady shape. However, thinned stools aren’t always a sign of cat diarrhea; it can be the result of consuming hypoallergenic food nibbles or some kinds of cat foods that stress the digestive system.

You can already start by modifying the diet plan and change everything that might cause cat diarrhea. If your cat is still suffering despite your tries, you should take him to the vet, because it could be bacteria causing the sickness and if not treated, it could go viral and worse.

Just like humans, when it comes to diarrhea, cats have the same process happening in their intestines. If cat diarrhea occurs in the large intestine, you’ll notice your cat trying to push but unfortunately, nothing comes out. While if the inflammation is in the small intestines, then you can see soft stools sometimes accompanied by morsels of blood, and running stools. Of course, in both cases a vet visit is mandatory; vomiting and diarrhea cat are serious health problems not to take lightly.

A cat with diarrhea is threatened with dehydration. You can check the impact of dehydration when lifting and letting loose cat’s skin; the more dehydrated the skin is the slower it comes back to its normal shape.

Diarrhea in cats treatment:

Roundworms, Giardia or Coronavirus are often the causes for cat diarrhea. If you don’t regularly deworm your cat, he’s likely to get one of these bacteria. Though it’s never too late! So how to stop cat diarrhea?

It’s important to avoid home remedies for a cat with diarrhea and rely on medicine in this case. Treating diarrhea in cats is always possible using the different ways below:

  • Tablets or capsules: You can find them in the market, they’re meant to be taken for consecutive days, and you can also find one tablet containing the entire cure.
  • Liquids: Worming drinks are easy to use too, you can just add them to your cat’s food and it’s done. Though sometimes your cat can sense them and refuse to take them.
  • Pipette: If tablets or drinks don’t work with your cat, a pipette might be the solution you’ve been looking for.
  • Injections: If all of the above doesn’t give any result, injections can be your last remedy.

If none of the cat diarrhea treatments suggested above seem to change a thing, a vet visit is mandatory. It will also help if you take a sample of your cat faeces, if not a blood test should be enough. A vet should be able to detect the reason behind the sickness and tell you how to get rid of cat diarrhea.

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