Meowing to your cat
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16# Twitchy Tail

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Your cat’s posture is sharp and his tail is edgy, this means that your kid kitty is getting ready to hunt. Let him be, once he gets his prey or loses it, he will calm down and go back to you.

17# Drooling

This cat behavior might not be general but it’s definitely a sign of affection. When your cat drools, it’s like with humans, it means that he loves you.

18# Curling Up With You

What does it mean when a cat rubs against you? well, If your cat curls up in the sofa next to you, he’s just showing you his affection. Knowing that cats love cuddling and snuggling with you, try to show back an even stronger affection to him.

19# Cat presents

According to your cat, you’re the provider of this family. If he brings you prey from time to time, it means that he loves you so much and wants to help prepare the meal. Even if it’s a disgusting thing to deal with, but it’s actually a cute cat behavior, once you understand the motive behind it.

20# Following you is the new hobby

If your cat is stuck to you and following you literally everywhere, enjoy! That means that he’s terribly in love with you.

21# Grouchy when you leave him alone in the house:

One of the most annoying things would be seeing your cat in a bad mood whenever you need to leave the house. Your kid gives you this cat behavior because he considers you the leader of the family and would love to have the privilege to spend the entire day with you.

22# Excited When You Return

Every time you return from a long day outside the house, your cat will probably jump up and down showing you his thrill of your return. Scheduling daily short play sessions would be a wise thing to do.

23# The secret behind your cat exposing belly

When your cat lies in front of you on his back and exposing to you his belly, it means that he trusts you so much; as his belly is the most sensitive part of his body. Also, this cat behavior is often a sign that he needs your love.

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