Meowing to your cat
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11# Random Leaps

If you want to have your cat habits explained, you can’t ignore the sudden bounces. Cat leaps are random and sudden moves your cat likes to do. If he’s jumping up and down in the room for no special reason, it means that he’s burning the extra energy he has, to rest and calm down afterward.

12# Hissing or Growling

This cat behavior is obviously a bad sign. When Fluffy starts making those sounds, it means that he’s in a very bad mood and that the wisest thing would be to leave him alone.

13# Arching Their Back

When your cat comes next to you on the sofa and starts stretching, it means that he wants to grab your attention to the fact that this might be a good time to snuggle.

14# Howling

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It’s an alerting sound; it either means that he misses you or that he’s in pain. If the sound keeps going no matter what you do, it definitely expresses the need to copulate.

15# Purring

Purring is actually a calming voice, not only to your kitty but also to you. When your cat purrs, it means that he’s feeling great, and also to comfort himself.

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