Meowing to your cat
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6# Staring With An Open Mouth

When we talk about cat behaviors and what they mean, we certainly need to bring the stare with a mouth wildly open. Behaviorists found an interesting explanation for it. When your cat is staring at nothing, it means that he’s using his upper mouth part to detect a complex smell when he couldn’t do it with his nose. This is called Flehming.

7# Little Meows

Understanding cat behaviors can’t be complete without the cute soft meow. This gentle meow means that your cat is saying hello to you. It also means that he’s happy to see you again.

8# Chattering

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This cat behavior can be triggered when something bothers your kitty. It’s their way to express dissatisfaction and frustration towards something.

9# To lay everywhere and on top of anything:

If your cat is laying on top of everything your working with, whether it’s a laptop or a book or the laundry you’re folding, it means that your cat needs attention and he’s ready to do anything to get it.

10# Laying On Your Chest


Whenever your cat lays on top of your chest, know that it’s a great thing; it means that he loves you and he feels comfortable lying on your worm chest when he can hear your heartbeats.

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