Meowing to your cat
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Everything has its rules, no matter how chaotic things might seem, there’s always room for some reasoning, and cat behaviors aren’t an exception. You might think your crazy cat body language is madness creation, but you need to know that you’re wrong; your cat behavior, as random as it looks has a meaning.

As a caring owner, here are a few interpretations of your cats actions that will help make your cat behavior explained, thus; allow you to understand and bond more with your pet:

1# To scamper and hop:

I am a ninja , meooow!!

This is a weird cat behavior; you might have noticed your cat running to the edge of a high place only to jump off of it, at least once. Actually, it’s a pleasing activity for your kitty; as its ancestors used to jump up and down trees all the time to keep surviving.

2# Low volume meows:

Whenever you hear this voice pay attention to your cat; as it’s a sound he makes when something is off with him and when he gets ready to attack.

3# Kneading

Cats are used to rub ever since kittenhood. Kneading helps to rush the milk out when their mothers were breastfeeding them and it made them feel warm and secure. Cats keep that feeling in their minds even when they grow up, so whenever your cat kneads you, it means that you make him feel safe and loved.

4# Uncovered Poop

GK Hart/Vikki Hart / Getty Images

Cats are clean pets, you don’t need to clean after them, they do it themselves. However, one of this cat behavior meanings say that the reason why you keep finding uncovered faeces is that your cat is mad at you; he’s really upset against you. You need to see what you did to make Fluffy angry and start fixing it.

5# Twitchy Ears

credit: Purestock/Purestock/Getty Images

This strange cat behavior is an alerting one. Whenever you see your cat agitating its ears back and forth, just back off; because it means that something is pissing him off.

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