Cat behavior therapy

Cat behavior therapy
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Behavioral therapy for a cat is certainly not nonsense. A cat can indeed learn things and problem behavior can therefore also be adjusted. In the past thirty years a lot of research has been done into animal behavior and animal welfare. These scientific insights form the basis for behavioral therapy in pets.

Is cat behavior therapy useful?

Cat behavior therapy is not only a good way to tackle the problem behavior of your cat, but it will also give you much more insight into (the behavior of) your cat. It is not for nothing that a frequently heard comment from owners is “not only the problem behavior has been resolved, but my cat is also feeling much better.”

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Better than advice on the internet?

Internet is a very nice medium, but it has the big disadvantage that it also contains a lot of outdated and even incorrect or harmful information.
If you seek help with problem behavior, there is a good chance that you will be confused by the many opposing opinions.

The right advice depends on many things. What has helped well with one person on a forum, may not be counterproductive or even totally counterproductive for your cat, for example because the cause of the behavior may be different or because your cat lives in very different circumstances. That is why tailored personal advice is essential for successful treatment.

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When cat behavior therapy?

When can you use cat behavior therapy? Consider for example the following problems:

  • Pee or poop outside the box
  • Aggression towards people or other cats in the house
  • Spraying
  • Anxiety or stress
  • Scratch the furniture or wallpaper
  • Licking himself bare
  • Eating inedible objects (pica)
  • Behavior change after the arrival of a baby

Even though a cat is a bit older, it is still possible to change its behavior.

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