Can We Make Our Cats Smarter by What We Feed Them?

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As a cat owner, you want to know how to make your cat smart. I’m a cat owner myself and Casey is my pet kid. Casey has the ability to quickly learn any trick such as paw hello and figure-eight weaves between my legs, also whenever I call him he shows up in front of me right away.

I teach pet first-aid classes and Casey serves as my pet assistant, he always finds where I hide his treats, and leaps on the table once I demonstrate the safe way to wrap a harmed cat in a towel. In my eyes, he’s the most intelligent cat!

Sure intelligent cat breeds exist, but just like you, I’ve been looking for answers to my question: «how to make your cat smart?” A lot of cat parents with good intentions ask the same, it wasn’t until later I discovered that boosting your cat’s brain activity relies on two pillars:

  • Provoking his mental and physical abilities with indoor stimulating games and objects, for instance: puzzles of food, indoor cat furniture trees, and feather batons that boost cat hunting talents.
  • Being careful when it comes to food, treats, and supplements for cats; they have a tremendous impact on their intelligence and boosts their entire health. In my journey of creating a new generation of smarter and healthier cats I found Dr. Jean Hofve; one of the most famous experts in the field of holistic health and nutrition.

This retired vet’s website is and she just launched her latest scientific e-book named What Cats Should Eat: How to Keep Your Cat Healthy with Good Food.

Dr. Jean Hofve assures that good nutrition and rich indoor activities are crucial for the health, she also said that the optimum nutrition for a kitty is a mouse, but since that’s not practical, we just build a better one.

So, are cats smart? If yes, how smart are cats? And how to make your cat smart? This is what we’re going to find out with the tips below:

how to make your cat smart?

Serve Fluffy omega 3 foods for cats:

Cat nutrition affects, for sure, cat intelligence and omega 3 foods for cats is one of them.

Two main omega fatty acids for cats substances are vital for the brain health: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), they alleviate inflammation and boost the cognitive developments which help in the process or learning and remembering.

DHA is the main acid that structures the brain, and EPA is the acid found in cell membranes, it keeps them flexible and makes sure that neuron messages are transmitted. Krill, sardine and anchovy oils are rich on omega fatty acids for cats.

So, you want to know how to make your cat smart, integrate these kinds of food in his or her diet and great changes are going to happen.

The Ps are important: The prebiotics and the probiotics

Want to know how to make your cat smart? Don’t forget the Ps, The Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics in Cat Food is so high!
People usually tend to confound the two components; the prebiotics is found in some pet foods and is an additive rich in fibers that feed good intestinal microorganisms.

In the other hand, we have the probiotics; they are live intestinal micro-organisms, hypersensitive towards high temperatures and liquids and are more often wrapped in capsules.

Probiotics are supplements utilized to treat diarrhea, constipation, and many other digestive issues. The efficiency and the quality vary, a vet would know what’s best for your cat, so don’t hesitate to consult!

Here’s to the antioxidants!

Dietary antioxidants are important for cats, they’re your pet’s defense system; they charm toxics lying in the free radicals and prevent them from causing any damage to the good cells and from inflaming tissues.

Dr. Hofve says that free radicals are the reason behind inflammations, which leads to aging and heart diseases. To protect the brain cells opts for vitamins A, C, and E.

Alimentary supplements for cats are beneficial for older ones!

We all tend to think that fish is the natural meal for a cat, but we’re wrong! According to Dr. Hofve, some canned fish product are unsafe for our kitty such as farm-raised Salmon, She also says that some canned food comes from what’s left from the seafood industry around the world.

Moreover, some fish also contain chemical components like toxic histamines and poisoned pollutants like mercury, PCBs, and BPA. Dr. Hofve says that it’s a hodgepodge that’s high in phosphorus and magnesium, which can cause a serious health problem in cats that used to suffer from urinary tract disorders or kidney disease.

Canned food and supplements for cats can be a bit tricky, but if you pay enough attention to the quality and the components of the cans or supplements you’re feeding your kitty, it can be so beneficial for him or her, as Dr. Cynthia Rigoni, a veterinarian in the All Cats Veterinary Clinic in Houston, experimented; she has seen a huge improvement in the brain activity of an old cat suffering from dementia when she gave him a product called Senilife manufactured by Ceva, it contains ginkgo biloba, vitamin B6, vitamin E, grape extract, and phosphatidylserine.

Supplements are a great way to boost the brain functions, if you want to know how to make your cat smart, don’t forget to add the supplements in his diet.

The Scrutinize meal and different fish oil sources:

Dr. Hofve says that small amounts of fish in a meal, adding a little flavor and a source of omega fatty acids in the cat meal is acceptable. She also recommends Bonito flakes, a famous cat treats, as she explains they are fast-growing and they gather a few toxins thus are not a problem in moderation.

As Dr. Hofve also tells us, there are so many qualities of fish oil, thus it’s preferable to look for products that contain wild-caught fish such as herring, anchovies, sardines, and even mussel oil.

Sure no study has shown that if you change your cat’s diet according to the tips above, that your cat is going to be a genius or even think of taking over the world like Pinky and Brain. But you’re going to notice many behavior changes in cats and their way of interacting with people and members of his own kind. It might even make them smartest animals, who knows!

To learn how to make your cat smart Neurobics is crucial! It is the activity aiming to build the brainpower. One effective way of doing that is to read out loud in the presence of your feline; Dr. Dale Anderson; a former surgeon, author, and founder of explains that as simple as it seems, your sound stimulates and activates neuron pathways in both your brains, as it exposes you and your cat to new sensations. To Keep the brain alive you need to make new connections and branch out.

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