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Many cats occasionally (or very often) enjoy eating something different than cat food. They sneakily eat or drink that is actually intended for people.

Many cat owners sometimes wonder if it is actually good if a cat takes a bite of something that is actually for the owner.

1# Can my cat have milk?

A cat likes to drink milk, but the lactose is not good for the cat’s digestive tract. As a result, your cat may get diarrhea. It is not recommended to give your cat milk. There is possibly special cat milk for sale, which is free of harmful substances for your cat.

2# Can my cat eat bread?

Some cats like to eat sandwiches, while other cats don’t like bread at all. But is taking a bite of a sandwich good for a cat? If your cat quickly takes a bite of a sandwich if you don’t pay attention for a while, then that is basically harmless to your cat.

However, you must keep in mind that a sandwich (because of the starch) fills 20 times as much in a cat as in a human. A cat gets an enormous amount of energy from a whole sandwich and will get fat quicker with repeated eating of sandwiches. Your cat can also suffer from its gastrointestinal tract if bread is regularly eaten.

3# Can my cat put siege on my bread?

Cats find some types of spreads irresistible and like to eat from them if you don’t pay attention. There are many types of sandwich fillings, so giving a complete overview is not possible. As a guideline you can start from what is stated in the different types of toppings: sweet toppings, chocolate toppings, meats and cheese.

4# Can my cat eat sweet?

Sweet toppings, such as jam, sugar, fruit sprinkles: in principle, a snack or lick from your sandwich toppings does no harm. Yet it should not become a habit, because sugars have much more influence on a cat of just a few pounds than on a person. Your cat can therefore become hyperactive and will convert part of the energy contained in it into fats.

5# Can my cat have chocolate?

The following applies to all types of chocolate: DANGER !! Chocolate or its shape variant can be deadly to a cat. Therefore, never let your cat get the chance to eat a chocolate spread or chocolate sprinkle sandwich, grab a bite of a chocolate bar or eat an Easter egg. Cats themselves have no idea that they absolutely should not eat chocolate, so you must protect your cat against itself.

Did your cat eat chocolate? Then contact the vet immediately! From a certain amount onwards, it is necessary to give a cat a medicine that makes it vomit, so that the stomach is emptied. This way the chocolate toxins do not get into the rest of your cat’s body.

6# Can my cat have meat?

Almost all cats love meat! If you want to put meats on your sandwich or prepare meat for dinner, your cat will be alert. Suppose a piece of meat falls, your cat won’t doubt and strike for a second! But is meat good for a cat?

Some cats get meat in the form of wet food (wet food) daily or once in a while. That meat is specially formulated for cats and is therefore suitable for eating. However, some cats eat obesity more quickly because they eat a lot of meat as wet food. So keep an eye on this with your cat. A cat can also eat fine without wet food and dry food (cat food) throughout its life. However, it is extra important for these cats that there is always plenty of water available for drinking.

Meats such as spreads or a piece of meat from the pan are often too salty for cats. And if a cat eats too salty, this has an effect on its kidneys, among other things. Eating a little piece once in a while doesn’t hurt much, but make sure it doesn’t become a habit.

Here too, a small piece of meat for a cat can be compared to a huge piece of meat for a human. So a cat soon gets too much of something. And too much is often harmful (gastrointestinal complaints, kidney complaints, risk of being overweight).

#7 Can my cat have cheese?

Many cats love cheese! But is cheese really good for a cat? The answer is (unfortunately): not really. Like many other “human food” cheese is too salty and too fat for cats. From dairy products, and therefore from cheese, cats can get diarrhea. This is the cause of problems in the gastrointestinal tract caused by eating cheese.

Eating too salty (including salt in cheese) is a danger for the cat’s kidneys. For cheese, too, a very small piece is not immediately harmful, but above all don’t make a habit of it.

#8 Can my cat fish?

Fish is often processed in wet food for cats. Just like meat . Fish in cat food is great because it is made especially for cats. Can a cat also eat a normal fish that you as a owner also like to eat?

That mainly depends on the preparation of the fish. Is the fish not yet prepared in a dish, but still ‘unprocessed’ (ie without additives such as salt or sauces)? Then a piece of your fish won’t hurt your cat. It is then a ‘pure’ product. Keep in mind that the following applies to all food: in your eyes, a very small portion for your cat may actually be a huge meal for the cat’s body. So make sure that your cat does not eat too much.

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