Can dogs eat cat food ?

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Can dogs eat cat food
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How tempting it is when your dog or cat asks for a bite while eating with big eyes or mewing. Our pets are masters when it comes to persuading you to give them something off your plate. But what looks like a tasty snack might be very harmful to our beloved roommates.

Has your cat or dog eaten something that you are unsure of whether or not it is good for your pet? Dangerous food can unfortunately make your dog or cat very sick!

Can a dog eat cat food or a cat eat dog food?

The answer to this is actually simple: no. Dogs and cats both need different nutrients in different amounts. In cat food, for example, there is Taurine, this is a substance that cats do not make themselves, but do need.

A so-called essential nutrient. If the cat were only fed dog food, there would be a shortage of taurine, which could result in damage to, for example, the eyes and heart.

If a dog only gets cat food, over time damage can occur to the kidneys because cat food contains fewer vegetables and more salt and proteins and a dog has a lot of trouble digesting it, causing kidney problems.

Give suitable food to your animal, then you know for sure that it will not lack anything!

Find the right feeding method for your dog

Depending on the size and personality of your pet, there are two ways to feed him his meals and both have different benefits. First take a look at his regular eating pattern: does he have self-control or does he eat his food simply because it has been put in front of him?

Feeding with free choice: plop dry food and let it nibble all day long. This allows him to eat more or less as his appetite changes. If you walk with him longer in the morning, he will probably eat more. When he is lying in front of the hearth, he will take less. This is a good plan for an indifferent eater.

Feed at regular intervals: offer portions twice a day, allowing him to eat for a maximum of 20 minutes before removing his container.This gives him a routine and his calories are distributed perfectly. This means that he is fed at the beginning and end of the day instead of a big pile of food at 7 o’clock in the morning. This option is excellent for large breeds, overweight dogs and large eaters.

Your dog has not been eating well for a long time and is losing weight

If your dog has not been eating well for a while then the chance of these problems disappearing spontaneously is low. Your veterinarian will listen to your story, take a good look at your dog and perform a physical examination and then propose additional testing.

A blood test, an ultrasound of the abdomen or a vision test of the gut (endoscopy), but also other tests can in almost all cases lead to a diagnosis and treatment.

Snack for the dog

Dogs love a snack. But choose responsible dog snacks that suit his nutritional needs. For example, give a dog biscuit or a snack of dried meat. Such as bulls tendon, liver, lung, windpipe, tripe stick, pig or sea lavender.

He likes that for hours. Make sure the snacks and sweets do not contain too much sugar or salt. If you often give a snack, give it less food so that it does not get too fat.

Handy: sweets that ensure that your dog is less likely to suffer from fleas. There are more special snacks, such as sheep fat bonbons for dogs with skin and fur problems.

And treats for dogs with allergies or joint problems. You can use diet snacks for responsible weight loss if your dog is overweight.

Is the cat picky or nauseous?

A ‘picky’ cat can be sick. For example, she may suffer from her teeth or guts. Kidney problems lead to nausea and less appetite.

Stress can also be a cause. Cats are solitary hunters and therefore also solitary eaters. They do not like being forced to sit next to each other, which means that dinner time often becomes a stress moment.

In addition, renovation, relocation and other changes in daily routines can cause a cat to suddenly lose its appetite.

A cat that picks its nose for lump of food is no exception. Can it also hurt or is it not bad at all, and what are the alternatives?

Food manufacturers do their best to give those kibble some extra aromas and flavors, but that is not always a success.

Learning young is …

The more variety you offer a kitten, the easier it becomes later. A kitten that is confronted with many tastes will always recognize something of that taste or texture later. This prevents her from reacting negatively to being something new.

Therefore, alternate chunks and canned food regularly. In terms of composition, wet food is closest to the natural prey of a cat.

Due to the high moisture content it can prevent bladder or kidney problems or just be a suitable diet if a cat already has these conditions. You can also hide excellent medicines in it! Kittens who have only learned to eat chunks will have difficulty getting used to other food later on.

Soft food

Soft variants are also available for almost all kibbles, also in diet food. Here too you will have to search again. Does it have to be pate or does he prefer soft pieces with sauce?

You will have to test a bit. An advantage of soft food is the extra moisture that your cat gets. Often they are not the best drinkers, while they really need it.

You can also do a little warm water over the kibble. Then they become a little softer and the smell of the food gets a little stronger.

Don’t let your dog or cat eat with the pot

For a dog or cat it is not healthy to eat with the pot. The food that people eat often does not contain enough nutrients or nutrients that dogs or cats cannot tolerate.

It goes without saying that a lot of fast food such as pizza, fries, croquette, hamburger bun is not good for the dogs or cat. It can contain anything that dogs or cats can’t stand

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