Bongo Cat Meme Has Taken Over the Internet!!

bongo cat meme
bongo cat meme
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But what if we told you, an animated version of a cat playing any and every musical instrument in its reach, has gotten the Internet intrigued? Yes, memes are THAT random.
‘Bongo Cat’ – as the social media now calls it, first surfaced on Twitter when @StrayRogue posted a gif of a cat doodle tapping on a table, way back in May.

Now it seems you can’t escape Bongo Cat on social media, playing everything from keyboards and electric guitar to rubber chickens (really).

That first tweet was posted back in May, but interest in the cat has returned this month after Ditzy Flama, who made the first Bongo Cat, posted an extended YouTube video stating “I remade my tweet that I did because why not”.

And a meme was born. Over the months, the Bongo Cat has learned to play musical instruments using its pink paws ranging from violins to guitars to keyboards to drums to anything you keep in front of the white blob.

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