Best Dog Breeds That Are Good For Cat

Cats and Dogs
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You are a happy cat owner with his fur balls all over the place, but you need to add more love vibes into the household, so you decide to adopt a doggy, or you simply need a dog guard for your house or your apartment. But you’re not sure how your kitties would accept this new mate.

Both these situations claim an answer to the question: “what dog breeds would be suitable to accompany your little fur balls?
Dogs are natural predators to cats. They both are so different; they have different nutritional needs, different, behaviors and can’t be trained using the same strategies.
However, even if cats and dogs were always enemies, it doesn’t mean that the friendship between them is impossible, and this is proven by the millions and millions of videos and photos going viral on the internet of cats and dogs living together in perfect harmony.

Best Dog Breeds That Are Good For Cat

Moreover, there are some dog breeds that are friendlier with cats than others. And the list below contains the dogs that are good with cats:


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Labradors or Labrador Retrievers just like some might call them, are the friendliest and most obedient dog breeds. They’re playful and good with kids and disabled people as well. They’re the perfect peaceful doggies for a family.

They’re the type of the dogs who are good with cats; the moment you host a Labrador, it will not only get along you Fluffy, but it will even enjoy its company. Though it’s preferable to get a cute tiny Lab; the younger it is the easiest it would be for your cats to accept it. It’s reasonable, the tiniest the puppy is the less frightening it is for your kittens.

Golden Retriever

Source Flickr : Dirk Vorderstraße

Genuinely, a Golden retriever has the same look and behavior as a Labrador. It’s a long hair canine, so if you’re used to grooming your kitties, you won’t have a problem keeping it clean.

It’s one of the breeds of dogs that are good with cats; he’s the most tolerant of all dog breeds, super friendly, quickly gets along with cats and most of all doesn’t mind sharing his owner with other pets in terms of play time. Although you might want to adopt a tiny one, it would be easier for your cats to get used to him and less frightening.


It’s one of the top dogs that are good with cats; the beagle dogs are highly intelligent, which makes them easy to train; they also are kind and easy to be around. Most importantly, they require far less care than cats need.

The beagle dogs are great hunters of small preys due to their small-sized body. Plus, they will get along easily with your cats; as they are so friendly and have a tendency to playfully chase everything that comes into contact with them.


Pugs might not be the obvious choice for everyone, but they make good companions for all cat breeds.
Although this might be a cats vs dogs competition; as they get jealous of your cats if it gets too attached to you and also might be a bit gassy, the pug canine remains a good choice of doggies to have with your cats; it’s friendly, sometimes, calm and dull, some others, playful and entertaining.

Basset hound

The Basset hounds were first bred for hunting, but with time they became one of the laziest and relaxed doggies. Nothing seems to bother them not little kids crying around or villain cats trying to pick up a fight. They’re just having a Zen life!

If you have a kitty with the lake of social skills, this canine breed might be just the one for you!

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is one of the best breeds of dogs that are good with cats; they are friendly, extremely active and so loving canines; they will snuggle each and everyone that comes to your house, and basically, do the same to every creature in the household.

However, their long fur takes a good amount of time to keep it groomed every day, but the good news is if you can keep a Persian well groomed than it would be a piece of cake for you.

Inappropriate dog breeds for cats

While it may seem that everything will be fine as long as you introduce your cat to a young, playful, and tolerant puppy, breed actually plays a significant role in the cat-dog relationship. As mentioned above, cats and dogs are natural enemies. While some dogs, regardless of their breed, won’t have a problem befriending a kitten, there are several canine breeds which are quite lethal to felines.

Guard dogs (schnauzers, terriers, cane corsos, and dobermans, to name a few) have one main goal – protect the home and the owner at any cost.

This also means attacking any type of possible menace, including a harmless young kitten.

Sleigh dogs like Siberian Huskies and Malamutes are also ill-tempered and won’t get along with a cat the way a Labrador puppy would.

Dog breeds not to have for cats:

While a good introduction between the doggy and the kitty in the house plays a huge role in having a great relationship between the two bodies, it’s important to note that it doesn’t work with every dog breed. When some of them are dogs that are good with cats and enjoy their company –like the ones mentioned above- some of them are deadly to other pets, for instance:

  • Guard dogs such as asschnauzers, terriers, cane corsosamong others: Have one aim, which is protecting their dog owner, even if it means terminating another creature’s life.
  • Sleigh dogs like Siberian Huskies and Malamutes also have an angry temper and will never get along with any cat in the household.

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