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Do your indoor cat keeps staring at the window in perpetuity longing to be outside jumping up and down in that beautiful garden you have in your yard?

Well, in your journey, as a caring cat owner, of trying to provide the same environment cats naturally enjoy, creating an indoor cat garden might be a good step towards your aim!

Here’s your guide for your cat garden designed indoors:


The first step in the beginner’s guide is to have a planter. It is a good way to start making a cat garden in your household, it’s preferable that it’s tall, so that your cat’s head could reach it, and a bit narrow so that it doesn’t turn into your cat’s litter box or your indoor cat’s playing space; after all you want to keep your cat garden statues neat and clean. As a start you can get a window planter, it’s a good idea!

Garden soil

Image by powerjack

In order to prevent the pesticides to get into your cat’s system, it’s important that the cat garden’s dirt is organic. It’s a crucial rule in the garden guide for cats.

Start with two or three plants!

You want to have two or three starter plants for your cat garden but you’re confused and not so sure what kind is harmless and pleasing for your kitty. Below are the most common safe cat garden plants, and some of them are even cat’s favorites; all you need to do is follow the guide for cat plant we assembled for you:

Catnip: It’s a mint family member that is not recommended for cats who already went through strokes. This plant can make your cat behaviors soft and sweet after digestion and even give it a sudden rush of energy. It’s a good way to start your indoor cat garden.

Grass of wheat or oat Grass: It’s a food full of nutrients for your kitty, certainly the kind of plants you want to have in your indoor cat garden, but be careful as healthy as it is, its grains have proven to be toxic to your kitty’s system. So, remember to cut it once in a while before it grows grains, for the sake of your feline.

Parsley: A cat diet cannot be balanced without the minerals and the vitamins lying in this cat garden plant.

Thyme for cats: Maybe it’s a smelly plant to have in your indoor cat garden, but for your cat, it just smells like heaven; this plant has the same impact as catnip and it will keep your cat in happy garden mode.

Valerian (not the steel; as it sounds like valyrian-for GOT fans :3 -): Yet another addictive herb for your kitty, this might even have a stronger effect than catnip. Imagine having it with catnip and cat thyme all together in your secret indoor cat garden, it’s going to be “la fiesta” for junky Fluffy, and hallelujah!

Rye Grass: This tasty herb has the same nutritive value as the wheat or oat grasses. Plus it’s so tasty for your kitty!

Rosemary: This plant has a lovely pine odor, and also has the benefice of repulsing fleas from your kitty. It’s absolutely a must-have in your cat garden decor!

Lemongrass: Besides its many health benefits for your pet, it improves the digesting operation, also it is a natural antiparasitic, antibacterial, and diuretic.

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