7 reasons why a cat poops in the house

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cat poops
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The internet is full of peeing at home, but you don’t read much about pooping at home. With the tips below you will probably go a long way!

1. The litter box is not clean

Just like peeing in the house, pooping can be a sign that the tank is not clean enough. Clean means daily (!) Scooping urine and feces.
Lump-forming cat litter makes it easy to scoop out the litter.

2. Too few litter boxes

Cats like to pee and poop in different places, they do that outside as well. If you only have one container, that is not possible.
Two trays that are next to each other are seen by the cat as one.
With multiple cats you also need multiple trays, so with two cats three trays. And often also two trays for one cat.

3. The container is not pleasant

Just like peeing in the house, you have to see if the box is comfortable for the cat. Is he big enough, can the cat turn around well, is there perhaps an unwanted door in it?
Experiment with the lid out or the lid off.
The used cat litter can also be a reason for not wanting (anymore) on the litter. Cats like soft, sandy gravel with no odor. More tips about cat litter can be found here .

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6 comments, 36 shares


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