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Most intelligent cat breeds have definitely not developed the ability to read books, that’s because cat intelligence isn’t measured by human standers, it is actually measured by how quickly they can be well trained, how they interact with other species and of course their adaptation with their environment changes.

We have gathered below 7 most intelligent cat breeds:

In order for you to find out more about the smartest cat breeds in the world, use the cat directory we set for you. You can also use the filters through all pedigree cat kinds and to determine the smartest use our 5-star intelligence rating.


Abyssinian cat
Abyssinian cat breeds

Abyssinian cats have huge confidence in their personality, you can even feel they position themselves superior in comparison to the others. Their intelligence translates through their interaction with people; they’re love socializing with their owners, they like it when their brain is stimulated and they definitely are one of the smartest cats in the world!


siamese cat
Siamese cat – source : pixabay

You must have thought “what is the smartest cat breed?” Well, Siamese cats might just be the answer! They’re always in trouble, as they have a curious nature and they wouldn’t let any corner of the house unexplored.

Siamese cat intelligence has exceeded all the expectations, these intelligent cats are easy to train and many of their owners witness that.


Among the most intelligent cat breeds we find the Bengal, they have high social skills and they enjoy the company of their owners. They would communicate with you using their chirpy meows. As they explore their environment, they would jump and climb everywhere. They also like fetch and do have fun in the water as a lot of their owners have noticed.


Burmese cats are definitely one of the few most intelligent cat breeds in the world, they are known to have a personality similar to the dog’s, as they enjoy interacting with people and they are smart cats. Their sociability is incomparable and they really love to be the show stars anywhere they go.

They also are considered to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds because they don’t mind interacting with dogs and human kids.

Cornish Rex

Do you want to know how smart is a cat? Well, see how inquisitive it is and how it’s doing with games and people. And the Cornish Rex cats fit the standers; as they are super curious, if you let them they would explore each and every corner of the house and they are fans of games and human attention, so don’t hesitate to bring that on the table!


Savannah cats, one of the most intelligent cat breeds that made it until now in the wilderness. They still have that wild side in them; as they are immensely active. Their huge amount of intelligence makes them always want to be mentally and physically stimulated. If you have a Savannah cat get ready to many game sessions!

Scottish Fold

Every time we talk about the most intelligent cat breeds we shouldn’t miss the Scottish folds or the Bengal Scottish folds.

They are one of the smartest domestic cats in the world, they love mentally stimulating games such as teasers and puzzles. And like many intelligent cats, they interact well with people and aim for their owner’s attention. In order for them not to get bored, you might need to schedule play sessions on a daily basis.

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