67 Astounding Facts About Cats!

Facts About Cats
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Just when you think you’ve known all things about cats, here are some amazing facts about cats that will make your mouth wide open and will give a comprehensive answer to those who ask “why cats are awesome?!”:

  1. An outdoor adult cat covers 3 to 5 miles of their trails of the already marked territory. Daily walks ensure him that his smell is still all over the territory.
  2. There are 10 million more pet cats than dogs –one of many random cat facts!-
  3. Tabby gene is in each and every cats genes
  4. Most adult cats don’t have enough digestive enzyme that milk needs in order to be digested
  5. Just like a human, most of the growing process happens during sleep, so let your cats sleep as much as they want, unless you want to have glaring cats!
  6. One of the things about cats you should absolutely know is that the kitten first has 26 milk teeth, as he grows he loses them to 30 permanent teeth
  7. Between week 12 and week18, the kitty grows permanent teeth
  8. One of the surprising facts about cats is that even to most innocent super cute cats, have the hunting sense in their genes, which appears when a kitten puts its paw on the food you serve him; he’s trying to examine it the way his ancestors used to examine their preys to see if it’s safe to approach
  9. Cats usually hunt during dawn and twilight, which are the prime hunting times
  10. Just like people, cats engage in a dance that releases their tension after a successful hunt, to reward themselves, which helps them build better self-esteem and confidence which are fun facts about cats behavior!
  11. One of the frightening facts about cats is that those little cuties prefer the food at body temperature, the temperature of a recently hunted prey in the wilderness
  12. Cat’s whiskers are used while hunting to have information about the prey
  13. If you’re asking:” why are cats so weird ?”, here’s this fact about them: Cats can detect the movement nearby using their whiskers, so they’re not weird, they’re just hypersensitive which explain the weird movements.
  14. Cats are very sensitive to the weather and pressure changes, thanks to their sensitive whiskers, which allows them to predict the weather changes
  15. Cats like people are either left or right pawed, as they show interest for one paw over the other
  16. Cats purr to express intense joy or pain
  17. Wild cats can’t hold their tails vertical when walking, they either get it between their legs or leave it in a vertical position, while on the other side, the domestic cat is the only one who can keep his tail in a vertical position when walking
  18. Cats like Camels and Giraffes walk with 2 right and 2 left at the time
  19. Adult humans have 206 bones in their bodies. But what about cats? An adult cat has 244 bones; 60 of them are vertebrae and around compose the tail area for tremendous flexibility, even if the anatomy of female cat is obviously different than the male’s, in general, they have a lot in common.
  20. Cats can move their front and back parts of the body in opposite directions due to having 517 muscles
  21. Human and cats have the same part of the brain responsible for emotions. Other than that, cats have 26 facial expressions
  22. Humans have only 6 ear muscles when the cats have 32 muscles, which explains their ability to turn them 180 degrees. Aren’t these astonishing facts about cats?!
  23. Compared to the human with 9000 taste buds, cats have only 473 and they all are positioned on the tip of their tongue
  24. Cats can’t taste sweets, as they have 25% less taste buds than human
  25. When a human’s heart beats from 60 to 80 times per minute, the cat’s heart beats from 150 to 210 times, which is 2 or 3 times humans heart beat’s rate
  26. Weird cat fact: Cats use the scent glands situated between their eyes and ears to mark other cats and people, while the glands situated on the mouth, lips and under the chin are responsible to mark objects
  27. Cats have skin glands at the base of their hair, whenever the cat starts grooming, they produce oil to waterproof the fur
  28. Cat’s tongue which is rough to touch, has that specific texture to groom and comb the fur
  29. Cats lay their tongue under and scoop water into their mouth in order for the cat to drink
  30. Cat’s hair needs 60 to 90 days to grow, then after 40 to 60 days rest period, it falls again
  31. Shedding is effected by outdoor or artificial lights, temperature, and hormones
  32. That cute furball has 60,000 hairs per square inch on the back and 120,000 hairs per square inch on the underside
  33. Cats have strong receptor at the end of their fur to sense cold. In cold weather, the cat creates an isolating layer around them
  34. Cats have the ability to bear temperatures up to 124º, aren’t these powerful facts about cats?!
  35. Healthy adult cats spend around 15% of their lives in deep sleep, 50% in light sleep, and 30% awake. Also in comparison of other animals, cats reach alertness the fastest
  36. When humans have 5 million odor-sensitive cells, the cats have up to 200 million ones
  37. One of the ways of saying “hi” for cats is when they lay their tail in the air, it’s an invitation for other cats to smell them
  38. A cat’s smell is 14 times stronger than the human’s
  39. In order to increase their speed and agility, cats walk on their toes
  40. Cats front paws have special flexibility, it makes them able to: to grab, cuff, tap, hold, and snatch things, yep those are the superhero facts about cats!
  41. Unless the cat is polydactyl which means he has a genetic anomaly, he usually has 5 toes in the front toes and four in the back ones
  42. Cats can retract their front paw’s nails, while they can’t retract the back ones, they just remain visible
  43. Cat’s sense of touch is the strongest among all animals
  44. A cat’s body could add 11% of its length when leaping, the human equivalent would be jumping from the width of a pool
  45. Cats have the ability to jump a height equivalent to five times the length of its body
  46. A Perfectly healthy cat can reach up to 31 miles per hour.However it can’t maintain that speed for more than an hour, those are one of the powerful facts about cats!
  47. Intact cats need more calories than the neutered ones.
  48. Maybe you haven’t noticed but the meow is your cat’s way to communicate with you and another human, between them, cats don’t meow
  49. Cats can make 100 vocal sounds compared to a dogs 10 sounds
  50. Cat’s vocalizations contain 8 consonants, 5 vowels, 2 diphthongs, and 1 triphthong
  51. Cats have the ability to use the same sound, volume, intensity, and pitch that humans use.
  52. When humans can only hear sounds up to 20000 cycles per second, the dogs can reach up to 40,000 cycles per second, and cats can hear up to 100,000 cycles per second, at the high levels of sound
  53. Cats have sensitive ears and can even hear frequencies beyond the range of human hearing. Maybe they can even hear angels, who knows! Those facts about cats are unbelievably astonishing! Aren’t they?!
  54. Cats can only perceive red- green, which is equivalent to color blindness in humans
  55. Fluffy can see in the dark but not with precise details
  56. Cats can see in the 1/6 of the light required for humans to see
  57. Cats have the capacity to detect movement up to 12 feet away
  58. This is one of the cool cat facts: Cats can see 5 times better than people in the dark
  59. The cat’s peripheral vision goes up to 280°
  60. Cats have to ability to see from way too far distances, but can’t see in the close range
  61. Adult cats have round pupils while the domestics have split ones
  62. One of the fats about cat eyes is that adult cats have only hazel or copper eyes, unlike the domestics
  63. The oldest cat at all lived for 35years old, in England, she is until now the longest lived cat
  64. In Great Britain and France, black cats are a sign of luck
  65. For many years in China, cats were the principal earthquake predictors that people used to depend on.
  66. The cat that loves to swim is known as the Turkish Van
  67. In 1000 A.D., cats were considered divine. This fact about cats could be the weirdest!

Many public figures such as Mark Twain, Auguste Renoir, J.R.R. Tolkien, Teddy Roosevelt, and Britain’s Queen Victoria were in love with cats.
When asked:” What is unique about cats?” The answer you’ll probably give as a cat lover is: Everything!

But even so, if asked:” What are 3 interesting facts about cats ?” what would you say? (Please share with us in the comments below).
Those interesting facts about cats are a result of a lot of researches and cat owner’s experiences, that we gathered here in this facts list to let the world see that cats are amazing and have many superpowers.

If you think the list is incomplete, tell me an interesting fact about cats, to share with the readers!

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