6 Things You Can Do To Help Your Nervous Cat

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As a caring cat owner, you probably notice that stress isn’t only for human. When your cat suddenly refuses to use the litter box anymore, or when it spends most of the day hiding under your bed or in its safe spot rather than jumping up and down all over the house just like it used to do, or even when it keeps grooming to the point of having bald spots, it definitely means that your kid is turning into an unhappy nervous cat.

How to Help Nervous Cats

So, if you don’t know how to help nervous cats from gaining their joyful attitude again, here are 6 ways to do exactly that:

6# Help your nervous cat by keeping your expectations low:

Attempting to make the cat more laid-back and feel secure around you but forcing him or her come close to you and be less shy is the worst idea ever; it would only give the reversed impact on your cat nervous system.

If it’s always been your cat’s nature to be nervous, especially if it was an untamed cat, it’s actually difficult maybe even impossible to make him become an easy-going lap cat one day. All you can do is accept your cat behavior the way it is, and be happy with whatever you can get from him, that way they will feel less pressure and become more comfortable around you.

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