5 Ways You Might Be Shortening Your Cat’s Lifespan

cats lifespan
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Nothing and no one lasts forever, not even our kid kitty, no matter how insufficient the time we spend with them seems to be and no matter how much we try to make out cats lifespan longer, there is always going to be a day where we have to say goodbye to our lifelong beautiful friend kitty.

How long do cats live? Well, it doesn’t matter, because it’s never enough for us. However, there are common mistakes cat owners do that might actually be the reason to shorten cats lifespan. Want to see if you’re one of those people or not? Check the common mistakes in the list below!

#1 Hyper nutrition

Average cat lifespan
Image Source : pixabay – Average outdoor cat lifespan

Hyper nutrition is a huge issue for all cat owners in the world. It’s true that the cat shouldn’t be thin but it shouldn’t be obese either, obesity can only compromise his health condition and open the door to new health problems.

Overeating definitely shortens the cats lifespan average considerably, because it puts so much pressure on the body bones, joints and organs.

If you want to make your cat loose weight, consult the vet to teach you so many techniques.

#2 Passive smoking

Passive smoking is a worldwide phenomenon, and it threatens a lot of lives including your cat’s.

indoor cats average lifespan is only from 12 to 18 years, and passive smoking puts your cat in tremendous danger, as it enhances the risk for cancer and upper respiratory diseases, also it can make their allergies worse and more uncomfortable, which shortens cats lifespan.

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#3 Lack of cat dental care

As a cat owner you might have forgotten that your cat needs their teeth to be brushed just like you do, but keep in mind that lots and lots of veterinarians recommend it as a daily routine. The lack of dental care not only causes gums but also might lead the teeth to rot, which opens the door to many complications such as upper respiratory contaminations and even heart and kidney disease.

You might face resistance from your cat, but you need to keep that habit on a daily basis. If your cat fiercely refuses that you brush his teeth, you’ll need to schedule a dental cleaning by your veterinarian at least once a year, it’s extremely recommended for the sake of a long run cats lifespan average.

#4 Outdoors roaming

The outdoor life is little by little coming to its end and, for sure, it’s for a reasonable reason. The dangers lying outside those doors are uncountable, from dogs to cars to other cats to coyotes and all sort of wildlife, risks we can’t let our kitty go through as in most cases it would only lead to the unexpected yet dictated sad end.

Cats should never put their paws outside the house doors as it shortens the average lifespan of a cat, Leash walks and outdoor enclosures are wonderful ways to let your cat get some fresh air, and have a sigh of what’s outside those doors.

#5 Not paying enough attention to stress signs

Cats might seem emotionless, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have no feelings. A lot of cat owners are incapable to detect the stress symptoms in their cats. To keep your cat happy and in good health, you need to observe closely and carefully your cat’s attitude and moves on a regular basis.

Any small change can have its importance, it can be the apparent part of the iceberg such as excessive grooming and more hiding than the usual, make sure to take your cat to a veterinarian to check out if that is a symptom of stress or just a new innocent habit of your kitty. In case you notice that your cat gets stressed in certain situations, try to prevent them from happening again as much as you can.

Stress has the same impact on cats as it is on people, it can be a cause of shortening cats lifespan.

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