5 Tips on how to make cat like you

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3# Always give a proper introduction to the amiable comrade dog:

Can dogs eat cat food
Dogs by nature represent dangerous predators for cats, this misconception gets worst if the cat had a bad experience with a dog, so if you intend on having a dog as a companion make sure the doggy is amiable around cats, also the best period to do that is when your kid is still a little cute kitty, in order for him to grow up with the healthy conception in mind about dogs.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a dog nor look to adopt one, make sure your cat meets a nice doggy from time to time to get used to his presence.

4# The closest you keep your kitty kid the best it gets!

Two hungry cats licking their lips kitten food
Photography by Casey Elise Photography.

Cats are known to be autonomous creatures, so in order for you to get cat like you and for you two to bond, it’s best that he gets used to your companionship from a really young age; ever since he’s a little kitten, keep a near distance from him, maybe give him a bath with lots and lots of affection every time you get the chance to.

The closest you get the less they grow up distant from you, and most importantly it’s one of the greatest ways to make your cat love you!

It’s good to have him around people who show affection to him from a really young age as well. Actually it’s one of the greatest tips on raising a cat, that way he grows up predisposed to any human interaction.
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5# Show your love to your kid kitty:

Cat showing affection

Treat others the way you want to be treated , this goes both ways with your kitty; you want to know how to make cat like you, well you should show your love first, and this through hugs and cuddles. Just like trolls, kitties appreciate hug time, as long as it’s done with kindness and care.

Little acts like hugging have the ability to make your cat love you, feel safe around you and as a consequence growing up with a tendency to interact more with people.

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