5 Signs of an unhappy cat behavior ?

4# To keep it simple!

Let’s get real, cats have simple basic need: eat, drink, sleep, play and repeat, Happy cats are cats that enjoy when the circle is full. Some cats may have some unique features that make them different in comparison with the others, but they all have that magic circle of happiness in common. The lake of appetite is actually one of the signs of an unhappy cat but sometimes, a cat that doesn’t eat is simply a cat that dislikes the food choices you made for him, though.

Modern indoors cats have a tendency to seek a specific balance in their food which gives them the nutrition required for the sake of their health. Sometimes, the lake of appetite can be due to a health condition, to be sure that it’s not just the change in the diet that triggers that behavior, a vet visit would be mandatory.

Make sure all your cat’s basic needs are fulfilled if not this can become a behavior that makes your kitty unhappy and thus starting to show the signs of an unhappy cat, which is certainly what you’ve been avoiding the entire time.

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