5 Signs of an unhappy cat behavior ?

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You probably love cats, so you decide to take care of one or more. Once you adopt a kitty or a cat your main purpose is certainly making him or her happy, and so you bring him home, he starts making you happy and day by day you wish to give him more, to do more just for the sake of his happiness.

Signs of an unhappy cat behavior

But unfortunately, sometimes we misread his unhappy cat behaviors. So how to know if your cat is depressed? And how do you know if a cat is sad or happy? We brought the tips below together to help you detect better the signs of an unhappy cat and to show you how to tell if your cat is happy.

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1# Cats that do nothing but lie around. Seems normal, right?

Cats that do nothing but lie around
Cats sleeping with open mouth

Not exactly, cat’s nature is to jump up and down and never cease moving with their instinct curiosity. But if they keep lying around it means that they’re bored and under-stimulated this is one of the signs of unhappiness.

Can cats get depressed?

You can interpret the lake of inactivity as laziness but, if the cat were to talk, he would probably tell you that he just surrendered to boredom, which is one of the signs of an unhappy cat, this is of the strongest symptoms of depression in cats.

This can lead to obesity, diabetics and joints issues, you need to make sure to schedule some play sessions and fun activities to stimulate him again. In the other hand, if your cat is an elder, don’t worry, it’s totally normal that your cat’s activity decreases and slows down. However, it’s always wise to notify any behavior change to the vet.

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