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Many cat owners suffer from various cat behavior problems from the moment they adopt a kid kitten. These issues can be light as they could be grave that they make your kitten end up in a shelter.

Sometimes your cat’s behavior problems are hard to deal with, but mostly they’re complications in the behavior that just need time and a little effort to surmount.
The ideal thing to do is to avoid having these problems in the first place, it would be much simpler than trying to solve them later, but no one is complete and not everyone can foresee the behavior changes.

Most Common cat behavior problems

Cat behavior problems are so frequent. As a responsible loving cat owner it’s crucial that you be ready to confront them at any point of your kitten’s life, in order for you two to have a healthy and a beautiful relationship.

#1 Scratching


No loving cat owner wishes to see his kitten become homeless of put in a shelter, nor would he want to make his kid kitten go through harmful procedures of taking off his claws, but some could get to this point when their lovely kitten doesn’t spare any house equipment from scraping. We must agree that at a certain point this cat behavior could be so unbearable.

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It’s one of the frequent cat problems that cat owners can’t always deal with the best way; as cats need to scrap things to lengthen their bodies also to file their claws .Also, the scraping tools you give him are not always enough for him to fulfill his needs.

What you need to do to avoid this cat behavior is to provide him with adequate scraping tools with the dimensions that make him feel good. And if he still prefers to use your furniture, try spreading some catnip on them to seduce him to use them.Also from time to time take care of his nails, shorten them for him to feel peaceful in his little body.

Finally, if all of your tries are hopeless and fluffy prefers scratching your furniture despite all the cute alternatives, you can cover his nails with nail berets.

#2 Cat Litter Box Issues

Cat behaviors - litter box cat
source : Tom Thai via Flicker

It’s so frequent when you have a kitten to have the litter box problem. Especially when you have a male kitty, it’s his nature to urinate all around the house in order to mark his own territory. This issue can be managed by castration and many other logistic modifications inside the house; as many cat owners don’t have enough litter boxes.

The perfect case scenario is to have one litter box per kitten in many corners of the house so that each kitty cat could keep his own private place to urinate in, also to be free to move around the house. One litter box for more than one kitty can bring hostility to the relationship between the kitties and lead to this cat behavior problem. Many medicinal issues could be the cause too.

If your kid kitten out of a sudden starts littering outside the box, and persists on doing that, the best thing to do is to see a vet to treat him because it can be a serious behavior problem.

#3 Cat Biting & Scratching


It’s known that kittens and young kitties bit and scrap while playing. It’s up to you to make them understand that these are bad behaviors and that you can get harmed by this attitude.

If your cute body gets full of energy you need to replace your parts with a convenient toy. Make sure you free your schedule to give your kid kitten play-sessions from time to time to consume his energy.

Another reason for your kid kitten to bit and scrap is hostility. He can be hostile toward people and mainly people he knows. If you find no legit reasons to justify this attitude; no changes in the environment nor medical interventions, then you need to take your time to depict the causes of this cat behavior problem and take it from there.

#4 Aggression Between Cats


Cat owners notice a lot of hostility between the kitties of the same house; this can be a serious cat behavior problem. Fortunately, it only happens when they first meet each other.

A proper introduction is crucial when it comes to having a new pet body in the household. A weak introduction might cause a grave hostility between the new bodies.
Though kitties are known to get along easily, it’s not unusual for them to be aggressive toward each other.

This attitude can be annoying especially for the weak kitten among the group and even a small spark of hostility can aggravate with time to become a serious cat behavior problem.

#5 Excess Nighttime Activity


As a cat owner, you certainly were considering it to be real cute when your kid kitten gets frisky during the night and sometimes first in the morning. Then time goes by and this attitude becomes more like a nightmare to you; as since you adopted your kid kitten, you couldn’t have a proper night of sleep and that became a real cat behavior problem to you.
Perhaps noise during the night in only due to the noisy toys they play with during the night. Try substituting them with soft ones.

This might also be because your kitten wants your attention, if that is the case, take your time figuring out the reasons why, and try to work more on your relationship by spending more time with him so that he can get enough attention from you.

Also hunger can be the reason behind this cat behavior problems, if so make sure you respect his eating plan and that he gets enough food before going to sleep.
If all of this didn’t work try putting your kitty in a different room or emplacement so that you can stay away from the noises.

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