Feeding An Adult Cat

feeding cats

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Every cat owner should learn how to feed a cat, because as simple as it might sound, this isn’t always a piece of cake! You need to know how much to feed a cat and what to feed a cat and ask yourself existential questions like “how often should I feed my cat?”

Your cat could be turbulent while eating or he could in the opposite be neat and hard to please. Some cats might swallow the entire cat foods and some others could need to relax a little to eat. Feeding cats is certainly not a simple matter!

1# Diversity in the cat food is crucial:

Cat food Bowl

A lot of people wonder what to feed their cats, well it’s simple, if your kid kitty isn’t on a strict necessary diet, the best thing is to vary his menu of moist foods. With that kind of eating style, your kitty will never get disinterested on it, also it benefits you; while your kid’s digestive system gets used to all kind of food, you won’t need to stick to just one kind if for some reasons that exact product doesn’t suit you or your budget.

When it comes to feeding cats, it’s also good to have two or three choices of kibble to shift between for the same reasons.
Advice from @Columbine

2# Separate the cat food from water

Keep food away from water

In the wilderness, cats avoid eating where the water remains to prevent infecting their water reserves. So your kitty instinctively needs you to separate between water and cat food.

3# During winter, heat up the cat food

Winter is coming! The cans and the bags of food will get cold, so before you serve them to fluffy try heating them up; keep the closed can or bag in a container full of hot water for like a minute and bonne appetite to your kid kitty!

Another thing you can do is add a few doses of hot water into the food to hydrate more your kitty’s body.
Advice from @Norachan

4# If your cat eats meticulously, use the toppers

We’ve all brought our kid his favorite flavored dry cat food, and as soon as we arrive home fluffy just doesn’t want to have a taste of it anymore.

When it comes to feeding cats it’s good to have a variety of toppings, it’s actually a good method to make the kitty get used to them and eat only few portions of his favorite flavored food.

Personally, I prefer treats that are dry and frozen of Purebites-style; I just put some of them all over the dish so that the kitty doesn’t just eat them and leave the rest. For the fans of kibble, Kibble crumbs or pulverized kibble is perfect.

Advice from @Columbine

5# Do not use plastic plates for feeding a cat

Any plates unless it’s plastic Is good to use, dry cat food or wet food should be served in a clean plate, and if this last in made out of plastic, it increases the chances of contaminations such us the acne of the chin.

Advice from @jcat

6# The plate should be a bit raised up

It’s good for the kitty’s digestive system that the plate be a bit raised up; it makes the digesting process easier, as it helps the food to get in an easy way to the throat and helps extending the stomach, particularly if your kid has a flat face or joint issues.

Advice from @Kieka

7# Use flat dishes for feeding cats

How to feed a cat? Well one of the crucial things is to have flat and big plates; as the cats facial hair is too hypersensitive and it gets bothered if the kitty has to put his face in a narrow plat.

Advice from @jcat

8# It’s good to have a cat plate with a curve in the base:

A plate with a curve in its bottom prevents facial cat hair from getting compressed; also it allows the force of attraction to drag the cat food downward and to the middle. Fluffy then isn’t obliged to cram his facial hair all over the plat to look for the cat food they only sense but not detect.

Advice from @Kieka

9# Put a cover under the food container:

I put special covers under the cat plate made only for feeding cats, they possess edges that keep the plate, and it’s actually good because it prevents dry cat food to be all over the place. Also it can be brushed and wiped.

Advice from @margecat

10# The cat food container should be big and flat enough:

Cat food should be presented to the kitty in wide and flat containers, especially if your kid kitty has a wide face; it gets easier for him to put his face into it. It’s the same thing with messy eaters; a big flat plat eases the eating process. Feeding fluffy should be in a flat dish with no borders such us saucers.

Advice from @neely

11# The anxious cats should be fed in a high emplacement:

How to feed a cat who’s anxious? Well you do it in a high place-like a table- regarding the place where the controlling kitties are being fed –like the floor-. With this solution the anxious kitties will eat better and you also prevent the controlling felines from bullying them.

Advice from @Norachan

12# It’s best for the edgy kitties to be fed independently:

Whenever it’s cat food time, Chila would get anxious, she would spend the whole time watching Paul eating, and for moments she would lay her head to her plate and not eat anything, and then go back to watching Paul eat again.

It wasn’t until I started giving her the meals in a cardboard that she started to eat and her stress started to calm down a little.

13# Put the cat food in an interactive feeder!

For the kitties who eat fast or for those who just want to have fun, if they like Kibble, you can put the food inside a cat toy ball such as: PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder.

It’s also a great idea for kitties having Kibble the entire night and a chance to keep them busy during the night.
Advice from @abyeb

14# Offer the meal in the egg platter:

Instead of always asking yourself how much food should I feed my cat? It would be a good idea to have the dry cat food or the wet served to fluffy on egg platters, in case his royalty usually swallows all the food at once; that way he will be obliged to take it one bit at the time, that way his body will process slowly the food and once it has enough the kitty will stop eating on his own.

Advice from @jcat

15# Put a thing in the dish:

Putting an object in the dry food you feed to your kid kitty would help him slow his chowing process, which is good for his health.
Advice from @Columbine

16# Distribute the moist food on the platter:

In order for your kitty to lick the food instead of eating it all at once, you can distribute the dry cat food or wet on the plate; like when you put butter or peanut butter on bread. Especially when you have food in a dough shape.

Advice from @Columbine

17# Keep some dehydrated food for future utilizations:

It’s indispensable that you have small vacuum sealers:

  • Keeps the food for future utilization instead of finishing the bag or the can once it’s opened.
  • They’re cheaper than the bigger ones.
  • They’re easy to store anywhere you want.

Advice from @jcat

18# Utilize urls made of glass to stock cat foods:

Every time you open a bag of cat food, put it in a jar made of glass and close it with a metal top covering to maintain it crispy.
Advice from @GoldyCat

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