13 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

#9 2 a.m Zoomies & Cat Calls

How do you feel when you finally fall asleep and you get roughly awaken by the sound of your kitten running and making all kind of noises in the hallways of your house? Or when your fur ball in mewling in every corner of the house when you desperately need to get some good quality sleep?

Almost all the indoor kitties have an enormous energy that needs to be discharged. Add to the pile, their tendency of hunting in the dark. The perfect combination for you to say your farewells to the sleep during the night!

In order to regain the chance to sleep like most people during the night, we advise you to exercise your kitten very well during the day in a regular basis, to reduce the energy level during the night, also it’s preferable to give him his last meal in the day right before you go to sleep to avoid any eventual hunting adventures and last but not least provide him with a food puzzle to keep him busy the entire night.

However, let’s not neglect that if your kitten is an elder, the permanent sounds he make may indicate the presence of more serious issues, we advise you in this case to see his vet as soon as possible.

#10 Ear-Itation

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Sometimes you notice that your kitten doesn’t stop moving his ears in all directions, this strange cat behavior might need a special attention from you as it could be a sign of stress or disturbance. Nevertheless, if your kitten’s ear is a bit sharp and upstanding, then he’s just being attentive and listening carefully to the sounds around him.

#11 Rolling Around

Your cat lying on his back before you, which leaves him defenseless, certainly means that you have his complete trust. You should be happy that your relationship made it to this level!

Also he might want you to play with him a little, so cease the moment and enjoy!

#12 Oh You’re Using That?

Whatever you have in your house and whatever it is that you’re doing, is it reading an article in a magazine or reading a book or working on your computer or just folding your clean laundry?

There comes fluffy with all his cuteness, to settle exactly where your eyes and your whole attention are at that moment. In his mind this would give him more chances to get your love.

Furthermore, he’s marking you and your things with his smell as part of his personal area.

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