13 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

#6 If I Fits, I Sits

Photo Credit: Paula Flickr

You probably have spent some dollars to buy your kitten’s crib, well here’s to your deception mate!

By now you should have noticed that your kid kitten has a strange cat behavior as he prefers to sit in the box the crib came in rather than the fancy crib itself! Well here’s the thing about cats: they like to sleep and sit in tight tiny places probably hugging together and lying one on top of the other if you have more than one.

Well if your kitten were in the wilderness, he wouldn’t survive if he were sitting in large open spaces. That would make him an easy target to his hunters. Thus, kittens feel intact and protected in tiny places.

They also have tendency to stay in a concealing position for long periods of time. And small places to lie in are exactly what they need to actually stay steal and watch what’s going on around from a long distance.

#7 Cat Eyes

One moment your kitten is starring eagerly at you, two minutes later he’s just ignoring you. What in the world is wrong with him?
The answer is: nothing!

When your kitten is giving you that intense look he probably wants to grab your attention to a situation or to somebody who’s alerting him. In this case, the best thing you can do is avoiding confronting his look, as he could interpret it as a treat and might prepare to attack you.

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In the other hand we have the slow wink of his eyes or as the behaviorist named it “kitten kisses”. It’s his way of saying that he loves you and that you earned his trust. If you slowly wink back at him he would probably drown you with kitten kisses.

#8 Kitty Litter Fail

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images file

As a cat owner yourself, you probably already confronted the urinating outside the litter box issue.

In order to solve the problem and allow the bond between you two get even stronger, you need to find out the reasons lying behind this clumsy behavior.

Improper cat’s littering can have many reasons; some can be related to medicine, some others to the behavior.

Frequent medicinal causes:

  • Urinary system deficiency, like the cystitis, contamination, improper urinating system.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease, obstipation or the anal gland affliction.
  • Ache and annoyance, arthritis is included and so is every agony influencing the nerves, the muscles or the joints.

Frequent behavioral causes:

  • The dread and the tension that are caused by another pet or by modifications inside the home (having a new baby, having people over…)
  • The positioning and the sustenance choices of the litter box.

Understanding cat behavior requires patience and can sometimes give you a rough time, so instead of guessing what reasons could be behind this behavior, a veterinarian would do a much better job in this matter.

When many people think that their little kitten baby is doing it on purpose and playing the villain little child, he might just be trying to avoid feeling the pain every time he has to go to the litter box.

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