13 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

#3 Cats Bring You Kills

You might be grossed by your kittens “presents”, but as some behaviorists interpreted it, you need to understand that from the moment he bonded with you on, you’re one of his band; thus, every successful hunt will be distributed that way.

Maybe it’s just his way of thanking you, or maybe he noticed that he catches more your attention when he comes along with his kills.

If you would like to prevent this cat behavior from happening again, you can attach a bell in your kitten’s collar when he goes outside, that would make the hunting interventions more complicated.

#4 Cats Eating Non-Food Items


Is your cat into chomping at everything that’s not food, like wool, non-consumable plants, plastic and metal? Well, spoiler alert! This might be a symptom of an unusual cat behavior problem named: Pica. Its origins are unknown, but some of the possible causes are: glandular disorder, blood disorder, ennui, pressure, and sometimes it’s simply in your kitten’s genes.

In case you notice these symptoms in your kitten, you need to have him see a veterinarian to run a full checkup in order to foresee any eventual complications.

You can treat this condition with modifications in his diet, putting bittering agents like the “Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray” in the things he likes to chew, giving him small meals every once in a while during the day instead of two or three big meals, playing with him, making him interact with people and members of his own kind and giving him substitutes to chomp at.

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