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As a responsible cat owner you need to understand your baby kitten and to be able to transmit to him your messages, in order for you two to bond more. That is why this article “curious and exceptional kitten comportments explained” is here to help understanding Cat Behaviors.

#1 Chattering

Oleksandr Kavun / shutterstock.com – Cat Behaviors

You must have noticed that sometimes while your kitten is starring at a bird outside the window, he suddenly makes a strange chirp.

Scientists studding cat’s behavior interpret that sound as your cat being disappointed that he can’t be outside and hunt the bird, or maybe he can simply be both aroused and a bit bothered.

On the other hand, some scientists claim that this movement of his jaw sends a message to his brain and muscles to get ready for an eventual hunt.
In both cases this strange cat behavior is completely normal!

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#2 Rubbing

Photo Credit: Robyn Anderson Flickr

Behaviorists stipulate that when your cat caresses you with his head to say hello, he’s also -as the scientists called it- bunting, which is his way of showing you that he considers you his own. And this actually happens when pheromones are realized in his body.

The fact that he caresses you is his way of showing you his delight that he owns you, just like he does when he rubs the furniture to stain his area with his smell.

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