10 Traits Humans Should Adopt From Cats

Things You’re Doing To Make Your Cat Hate You
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Cats are considered to be among the smartest animals to own as pets. They know their limits; they embrace their wild, stubborn side but still manage to be adorably docile and well-trained; and, most importantly, they are quite gifted when it comes to dealing with other cats or humans.

In a way, they pretty much have a healthy attitude concerning everything around them. If you own cat, then chances are your cat has already been rubbing off on you, and you have already learned a thing or two from it. Nonetheless, here is a list of 10 cat traits that all humans should consider adopting.

#1 Be free

Even though cats can easily adapt to life as pets and are quite easy to train into being beautiful domestic animals, their wild traits are not buried too deep. In many cases, that urge to run wild and free would jump to the surface and make its presence known. Humans, too, should learn from cats’ love for freedom and should give full reign to their desire to be independent.

#2 Trust is not to be given easily

Cats are very loyal and can give love just as easily as they get it. However, in most cases, it takes some time to build such a pure bond. Similarly, humans ought to learn to value the time and feelings they invest in others and must think long and hard before deciding to put their trust in other people.

#3 Choose your circle carefully

Closely tied to the previous point, this is about how cats are quite selective when it comes to whom to let into their circle. They can be very stubborn and refuse to trust some people if they do not feel like it.

#4 Do not force yourself out of your comfort zone

Even though people should push themselves forward and strive to achieve their goals, pushing one out of their comfort zone to do something they are not necessarily fond of can lead to ugly consequences. Cats instinctively know that, avoiding going out of their way to do something they do not wish to do and being quite stubborn if forced.

#5 Patience is key

Going back to cats’ wild sides, these felines can be very patient when it comes to hunting prey and would wait for hours for the right chance to seize. Likewise, humans must learn to be patient and should always be willing to endure anything that life dishes out their way, otherwise, life would seem difficult and exhausting.

#6 Be bold

To continue with cats’ wild instincts, these creatures are bold and courageous by nature. Even if domesticated, they would still get sudden urges to run around the house, jump from on top of furniture, and maybe even cause playful fights and games of catch. Similarly, people should learn to be courageous and brave and to make the best out of what they have.

#7 Give yourself a break from time to time

Cats are perfect examples of creatures who know and embrace their limits, taking time out from games for example or napping when tired. Humans too must adopt such a method, giving themselves the rest they deserve.

#8 Appreciate every second of life

This point is probably the most important one. People’s lifestyle, especially with the growing pressures of globalization and technology, has become too hectic and tiresome that they forget to enjoy life. Contrary to that, cats appreciate every moment in their lives and try to make the best out of their living conditions.

#9 Do not shy away from expressing love

This point is equally as important as the previous one. Even though it’s difficult for some cats to adapt and learn to trust their owners, once they do that, they are quite explicit with their love and affection. Humans too must adopt such a method and learn to show affection whenever they feel like it without shying away from expressing their love.

#10 Loved ones are always the number one priority

This is true of almost all species but cats are known to be very caring and protective of their families, whether their fur family or the owner. For humans too, the family should always come first.

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